Tyler Huck

Private CFO®

Tyler was born and raised in Alpharetta, GA and attended Florida State University. Upon graduation, Tyler moved from Tallahassee back to the Atlanta area and started his career. Tyler has 5 years experience in finance, banking, and health & life insurance. Tyler’s parents and sister all live in the metro Atlanta area still. In his free time, Tyler enjoys following the ins and outs of FSU Football, attending Atlanta sporting events, playing guitar, getting together with family and friends, and throwing the ball and Frisbee outdoors for his border collie, Winston.

How would you describe your personality in one sentence?
Laid back and easy going finance guy that will talk your ear off about sports if you’ll listen.

What is your fantasy job?
World famous singer/songwriter touring the world over

What are your wardrobe constants?
Button down shirt with jeans

What is the catchphrase you use the most?
"Scalp ‘em!"

What unknown talent do you have?
Been playing guitar since I was a freshman in high school. Can also throw a football a quarter mile.

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